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The weather in the Hudson Valley is something that is hard to predict. We have could have warm winters and cool summers. Heckeroth is a full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning company that guarantees top quality service done right the first time. Whether you need an air conditioning system repair, routine maintenance, or want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system, we are the source for all of your air conditioning needs.

In New York, air conditioning is more than just a home improvement; it can provide better quality of life. A summer in New York without air conditioning can be extremely uncomfortable.

smaller sized outside air conditioning unit

Trying to sleep through hot, humid nights in New York can be really frustrating. Having an a/c in your home can mean the difference between waking up in the morning completely rested and refreshed and a sleepless night spent tossing and turning. Our technicians are trained to install and repair air conditioning units and perform preventative maintenance services, which can extend the life of your a/c unit and make it as efficient as possible. We use only high quality a/c units specially picked to get you through the spring and into the winter. With their reliability and electrical efficiency you will be completely satisfied with Heckeroth Plumbing.

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AC Services in Kingston

AC Repair

You depend on your AC to work when the hot weather creeps into your home.. But when your AC does not seem to work we have you covered. Our AC repair services are top notch and geared towards keeping you comfortable in the Hudson Valley.

Central Air Installation

Central Air systems required licensed professionals to properly install units and ducting home. We ensure that the installation is quick and effective. Our central air installation process ensures that your home will have fewer hot spots when we finish the job.

Central Air Conditioner Tuneups

During our central air tuneups we will perform comprehensive evaluations on your systems condenser coils, coolant levels and mark down general wear and tear on your sytem and its components.

AC Installation

When your old AC is beyond repair or is outdated and obsolete we perform AC installations for many different brands and models. There is no reason you shouldn't be comfortable during the summer in your AC installed home.

Commercial AC System Tuneups

It is a smart move to schedule a tuneup before and after each season your AC system has operated. Call us to ensure you get your AC system tested and any irregularities checked out by our kind and local Kingston professionals.

Central Air Repair

Our Central Air repairs are done by some of the best people in our little family. They have the knowledge ad expertise to be able to diagnose and determine many causes for inoperability with just a few check list operations. This ensures your time without air is limited and your discomfort is minimal.

Other Air Conditioning Services

  • Central Air Cleaners
  • Whole House Filter Systems
  • Multi-Zone Cooling Systems
  • Refrigerant Replacement
  • Thermostats
  • Heat Pumps

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